Standing Hampton

Mom continues to creep towards "better," but just needs more sleep.  Dad is still broken up about his diagnosis, and is a little argumentative (like, about everything!), but is holding up.  Sis has given up "the bottle" secretly, for now, and bro "seems" to be creeping towards better, himself, after receiving his antibiotics....and I'm just grateful for some stabilization...Job situation is still zero, but I am finally, calmly "thinking" about submitting writing for "profit" (however small and minute!) and just going through the rest of the motions, concerning the job searches.  They had it on the news, last many people out of work, locally, just fighting for part-time Christmas jobs...that explains the lack of job response on my end of going to Unemployment, next week, for some "volunteer classes" has been so helpful, lately; I thank God for it!