stalkers we are stalkers we shall be

I did it again. why  why why  stupid stupid me
I stalked her again oh god shes graduated gotten a job at a newspaper i read her article it was on what is legitimate rape so her lol the ever feminist, I wanted to write a comment on her article write something that would subtly give me away to her so she'd know it was me who wrote it. we had very oposing views on some of her femenist ideas.
I should be really happy for her, this is what she always wanted to do be a writer. Hells thats what inspired me to want to be a writer if it hadnt been for her i would never have known my talent. I would have gone on studying engineering how small coincidences and people touch shape and change our lives forever. The world indeed works in mysterious ways.
I cant stop thinking about her now and it hurts so bad, and i keep telling myself to block it out block it out itll get better in time ul feel better the pain will subside just hold on.
Im gonna talk to dad about giving my SAT's again today I think its time i started trying to go back to college.
I feel terrible writing other peoples papers it makes me feel so small and insignificant and shitty and under achieving. worst of all it angers me it fills me up with such rage and hatred that people like me do all the work and these rich cock suckers get the grades and the women and all they fucking do is party and have a joy ride through college



If you didn\'t do what you wanted to do and write a comment on her article then you did\'s not the right thing to do and you know it and it sounds like you stopped yourself? So if you didn\'t that means you are doing well and growing! It also means by NOT doing it you are thinking of what is best for her ,not what YOU want..and that is loving her as she should be loved.
YES! Go back to school! Definitely are correct. Do it! The best revenge in life they say is to make your life a good one and let go of anger and those who made you feel small.I\'m not an advocate of revenge..not AT ALL. But in this sort of case ,yes..get your revenge..go to the top and show them..and let them fend for themselves.
love, Sue (mother)

I am so proud of you for realizing you should go back to school! You are so young and have a lot of offer the world. Nikki