SSI Blues

I have been denied ssi once, so I went to a lawyer. 10monts later I leave a message at his office requesting to know where my case sits. I received no reply. I waited 6 weeks, then sent an email stating I'd had several doctors appoints and an MRI since we last spoke and was wondering if he would like to order current copies of my record. I also wanted to know if any appeals date had been set. Again, no reply. This time I waited a week and called in to his office asking why I'm unable to have communication with my lawyer, or at least acknowledgment of my communication attempts. My call was sent to someone named Maria, who told me that the lawyer wouldn't know anything about my appeal date until he receives notice. She told me to send her an email to request me updated medical records. Then she told me it could be as long as 3 years from the date of requesting an appeal before you actually get a date.
I have been completely without income since 2009. How am I supposed to live, to see my doctor as my condition continues to deteriorate? Why has it become an accepted procedure of the SSI to force former contributes to endure the years of pain, suffering, and humiliation that follow an initial automatic denial of your claim which then forces ill and weary people like myself into the greedy, compassion lacking, and dismissive hands of lawyers with such disdain for their clients that they can't even bother to return a phone call.



This is the first night in a while that I will be going to bed with out feeling so stuffed with food that I feel it coming up my esophagus when I lay down. It\'s feeling might good.