Springing Forward! :) March Smiles :) a day of cleaning, organizing, shopping, and SUNSHINE! :)

SPRINGING FORWARD!!! TOWARD SPRING SEASON!!! :) whooo!!! :) happy sunny sunday! :) We're enjoying a great day! :) adapting to the new time change, with some spirited joy, of spring cleaning, organizing, even some spring time shopping! :) my mom, dad, and i went shopping today, at the dollar store :) we bought some nice gifts, and goodies for my grandma :) her birthday is on March 14th :) i bought her, a lovely light up rose, a heart shaped vase, a new coffee cup, i also bought 2 boxes of brownies! :) i'm baking some nice brownies for grandma :) We're going to her house on thursday to celebrate her birthday :) it's going to be a special celebration :) It's a big month! :) March is full of celebrations! :) We had a great time celebrating my sister Jenn's birthday yesterday :) Jenn and Mikey came over to visit today, Jenn found the ring in her diamonds candle! :) She loves it! :) She was showing us the ring today :) it's really nice :) She had an awesome birthday yesterday :) Thank you all again, for celebrating with us :) i'm blossoming into the new time change, with some nice energy! :) i'm doing alright, with the new time, and enjoying the sunshine :) today, i did some cleaning, and organizing here in my computer room, and bedroom :) it's coming along really well! :) it's almost 40 degrees here today, it feels warm :) We're hoping there won't be anymore snow and ice this winter season. moving the clocks ahead an hour, we now have more sunlight during the day! :) more time to enjoy that beautiful nature! :) it's a really nice sunday :) i've been thinking of you all ,and looking forward to another wonderful week, Marching toward more celebrations, and Spring time glory! :) Tonight ,i'm going to treat myself to a dvd night :)
SPRING IS COMING!!! :) my family and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great sunday! :) We woke up this morning, with the clocks set ahead an hour, and blossoming into the new longer days of March! :) as we count down to the arrival of spring season, reflecting upon the beautiful joys of March that has brought lots of sweet memories already, and lots more to look forward too :) Thank you angel friends, for celebrating my sister Jenn's birthday with us yesterday :) Jenn had a great birthday! :) She gave us some nice cake to bring home, i had a slice of cake yesterday evening, it's great! :) Love birthday cake! :) it's always the best sweetest cake! :) Jenn and Mikey came over to visit this morning :) Jenn brought her awesome ring with her! :)
Yesterday in my journal, i mentioned about a really neat candle, that my mom and sister Lisa ordered for my sister Jenn, on the Diamonds Candles website :) http://www.diamondcandles.com/ inside the candle, there's a ring inside of a protective pouch :) Jenn lit the candle, and about 1 inch down in the candle, she found the protective pouch, and ring! :) She's very happy and excited! :) She loves the ring! :) She's keeping it! :) She was showing us the ring today, and it's a nice heavy ring :) She does want to get it checked to see how much it's worth, but she mentioned she's gonna keep the ring, as a very special birthday gift :) awww! : )She's thrilled! :) i was holding the ring, it's really nice size, and a heavy ring too :) it may just be, one of those expensive diamonds! :) very cool! :) We had a nice visit this morning :) Jenn thanked us again, for making her birthday very special :) awww! :) We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday :)
March is an amazing month, many birthday's, spring time joy, celebrations aplenty :) We're with eachother in spirit : )in our family, the next birthday is my grandma (March 14th), and my birthday is on March 22nd :) i have recieved 2 treasures envelopes in the mail, one is from our dear friend Carol (mycat), and another envelope looks like something a friend ordered for me, on amazon :) i'm gonna open my birthday mail on my very special day :) i'm so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled about March :) it's my favorite month of the year :) Along with birthday's, and Spring time, next monday is St. Patrick's day too! : )it's gonna be great! :) This morning, we had set our clocks ahead an hour, i woke up at 5:39 (which is usually 4:39am), i eased into the day, and went outside a bit later, for my nature walk, as it gets lighter outside later in the mornings now, and stays lighter outside past 7pm now :) Woot! :) more sunlight! :) Spring is coming! :)
It's been nice easing into the new time change, springing forward :) This morning after my nature walk, i wrote to friends here on ds, i also blossomed into some spring cleaning here in my computer room :) behind my closest too, and also in one of the corners of my computer room, i cleaned, and organized, i made some nice extra space in these areas :) i'm very happy and excited :) i love spring cleaning time, freshening up my rooms :) my mom mentioned about going shopping at the dollar store today :) We wanted to get some nice items for my grandma, for her birthday this upcoming week : )We're going to my grandma's on thursday, for her birthday celebration :) it's gonna be so nice, celebrating :) my grandma's very excited about her birthday, she turns 85 on March 14th :)
Around mid-day, my mom, dad, and i cruised over to the dollar store to do some shopping :) we arrived at the store, the parking lot didn't look as busy as it does on saturday's :) we walked into the store, nice fresh crisp air, it's almost 40 degrees here today, and feels refreshingly warmer than earlier in the week :) it's sunny too :) We began to browse around the corner, i found this nice yellow bag easter/flowers themed holder, for my grandma :) i also bought her a nice happy birthday card with flowers, and a butterfly on the card :) we were enjoying browsing around the corner, there were only a few of us in the store shopping :) my mom and i bought some nice happy birthday gift bags for my grandma :) on the crafts aisle, i found this really nice light up rose decorative, and heart shaped vase :) i can't wait to give these nice gifts to my grandma :) She's gonna be so happy! :) awww! :)
i also bought a nice new green coffee cup for my grandma, and 2 boxes of brownies :) on wednesday, i'm going to bake some nice brownies for my grandma, to give to her, for her birthday :) She sometimes asks me, "Chris, when are you going to bake brownies for me?" :) awww :) She'll be recieving a HUGE dish full of fresh baked brownies! : )She's gonna love it! :) my mom and dad were finding some great deals too :) We finished up our shopping, and went to the checkout. :) we checked out all together, it was nice, and went smoothly :) we walked outside, and i couldn't wait to share with you all, about our day of adventures, on this new time change day :) it's a really nice smoothly flowing day :) it was great shopping, i got some awesome stuff for my grandma, to help make her birthday very special :) i look forward to seeing my grandma smile when she opens her presents :)
my family and i are enjoying a great day! : )We're doing well, and are in good spirits :) i've been managing fairly well, with my tooth. it hasn't been that painful, this weekend. i've been eating very careful. there are foods i can't eat (crunchy foods), but overall, i'm doing ok. i talked with my dad about dental insurance, he and my mom are on a $14 dental insurance plan, i may be on this plan very soon :) i think for me, whether it's a couple hundred dollars to fix 1 or 2 of my teeth, isn't a big issue, the big issue for me, is going there, that's the big part of all of this, is the actual experience, and how my anxiety handles it. i'm gonna continue to talk with my mom and dad about things, and will eventually go to get my tooth fixed :) i'm hoping ,before may 1st, i really would like to probably go, sometime during april, to get my tooth fixed. i'll keep everyone updated :)
Tonight, i'm going to treat myself to a cool "the walking dead" dvd night :) i'm going to watch the 3rd episode of season 1 :) i look forward to watching the episode :) i'm gonna get a good night's rest, and ready for another awesome march week :) i want to do some more writing, i've been writing a few cards and a letter :) tomorrow i'm gonna begin a new letter, for our dear friend Anne :) We have some friends who have birthday's coming up this upcoming week :) Lots of wonderful celebrations :) Each day, is a beautiful gift, and blessing :) my family and i want to take this time ,to thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are very nice, and sweet :) We deeply appreciate your kindness, and generousity, with all of our hearts :) BIG GROUP SUNNY FRIENDSHIP HUG :) Tonight, i'm gonna watch a dvd :) There's many more great things to look forward too :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, we had a nice time shopping today, and also enjoyed a beautiful sunrise nature walk :) the new time change has began, and spring is coming :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hello :) she says, "i hope everyone had a good weekend" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our dear friends :) Thank you for brightening our days :) We hope everyone is enjoying a great day, and a wonderfully safe, and fun weekend :) We think of you all often :) have a nice evening, and night :)
Birthday gifts, and treasures, for my lovely grandma :) my mom, dad, and i had a great time shopping today :) we found some awesome gifts, and treasures for my grandma :)her birthday is coming up on March 14th :) We're going to her house on thursday, to have a special birthday celebration :) she's gonna be so happy and excited! :) i look forward to giving my grandma a happy birthday hug for everyone, and seeing her smile when she opens up her gifts :) it's gonna be another wonderful time, celebrating :) Joyful March! :) i love it! :)
This is a picture of the nice heart shaped vase, and rose light decorative i got for my grandma :) i'm going to put the rose decorative in the vase for her :)
i got my grandma a nice happy birthday card, with a flower, and butterfly on the front of the card, a nice Easter yellow gift bag, and a happy birthday gift bag :)
i got a nice green mug, and 2 boxes of brownies for my grandma :) i'm going to bake the brownies on wednesday :) my grandma's gonna be so excited to see the brownies :) She loves brownies, and coffee :)
a special thank you, for my dear sister Lisa! :) She surprised me! :) yesterday morning she went to walmart, and got this nice box of dunkin donuts pumpkin spice k-cups for me :) wow! :) This is so cool! :) Thank you Lisa, so very much! :) i look forward to brewing some coffee, and making a nice iced coffee :) There's 14 k-cups in the package :) CHEERS!!! :)

Shamrock Smiles :) i put 4 nice shamrock decoratives up here in my computer room :) next monday is St. Patrick's day :) i'm very excited, on that day i'm gonna get a nice mint milkshake at mcdonalds :) love st. patrick's day :) it's a fun day :)



Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day.Happy to hear you had a great shopping adventure,You got some nice gifts for your grandma. I know she will love the brownies too,I hope you enjoy your pumpkin k-cups soon. Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a good evening. hugs to everybody-Stephanie

This is wonderful Christopher and Happy B-Day to everyone!! :-)

Sounds like a GREAT DAY, dear Chris!!! Those pumpkin k-cups sound DELISH!!! I know how much you like your flavors... Oh, and I LOVE the gifts for Grandma!!! You are always so thoughtful and that is what really means the most!!! And baking for her really shows your LOVE and how much you CHERISH HER!!! She will be SO HAPPY!!! GLAD you had such a great shopping adventure today!!! I may run down to our little town which has a relalively new dollar store...

The pupz are exhausted laying around the floor in various strategically places to give me a good obstacle course this evening!!! They ran in and out all day... Because it was so beautiful, we all were sneaking out any chance we could steal... The roast was FABU!!! I just love those Sunday roasts and I\'m well stocked on them from the sale last week,,, Ahhh... and another week begins!!!

Love to you and Momn and Dad and everybody in cT!!! More b-day blessings sent to you all as I know you\'ve got a long month of many!!! Have a GREAT EVENING in CT!!! xoxoxo Cj

Hi Chris, I am glad you had a happy shopping trip. That was so Nice and thoughtful of your sister Lisa. Enjoy your coffee. I love your shamrocks!

DARLING CHRIS, lovely gifts for grandma, tell her happy birthday for me and many happy returns, she is such a grand lady, and your gifts will make her happy, the brownies, I am sure she will be happy**
its good that you had time shopping and enjoying your trip to the pound store, its wonderful to go shopping and buy new stuff, I went shopping Saturday and bought a new small printer, a potato peeler which I wanted and had time to look at baby clothes and woolly jackets, but I don\'t like any, so I will see if can get some handmade for the baby, got some summer gloves, which I use when my skin is bad, in all it was a nice time,aching and all..After we went to the seashell fish take away and got some fish cake and chips, I fancied it, had to wait but it was okay, the boy that got my order was nice, and apologetic that I waited quite a bit, so I said ,give me the chips I need to eat, the fish cake came as 2 so I ate one and left one for Cathia, it was too much for me, I really enjoyed my dinner, I love to go to this place its the best , all tourist go there, its famous with actors and singers, they have a posh restaurant and the take away, its a bit expensive but the food is the best ..
Been resting a lot as after I felt so tired and in pain, but sometime I need to get out,hope the tooth is not bad, and you can eat ,I know its a nuisance, but it need to be done CHRIS, I am sure that the dentist will be gentle, just explain how you feel, we need to care for our teeth*
The boiler is going to be done tomorrow, so then it should be okay, listen to this , in Cat*** garden the parakeet, green ones came to the feeders, unbelievable, I knew about it but not that they were in that area, no wonder all the fat balls disappeared, so nice to see nature friends, here this morning the sqirrels are being so naughty, gave them peanuts, the bird feeder is full, and the fat ball, the birds got plenty food, yesterday morning saw 2 couples of small birds I had never seen before, got check what they are ,later in the web for birds, it was such a treat, they sang so beautifully, awesome**
Anyway, got to do so much, got a new vacuum cleaner, gave mine to Cat*** ,so got the same one but brand new and its got more tools, I am happy with this , I can only do a little and this one got special hepa bags and filter so no smell or dust , its really the best..
see you later darling, have a good nature walk, take care of our friends in the garden, sunshine and loving hugs, always love you, give mom and family my best wishes for a wonderful week and happy days, forever friends, joy and peace, tranquillity, blessings ,Lucy*****

Dear Chris, I am happy you had such a beautiful day! :-) love all your new
treasures...:-) Enjoy your Coffee! :-) Sending best wishes to you and your
family... Love and hugs,Maria

Happy Birthday to you **. .** Happy Birthday to you **. .**Happy Birthday Dear Chris\' Grandma **. .** Happy Birthday to you!**. .** (a little early, but...........