I'm so scared  right now. Last night I asked my boyfriend to be home before 3 am, I told him that that is not too much for me to ask, considering our little situation here, and he said "i'll try".
I woke up at about 2:30 and he still wasn't home, so I called to see if he was sobering up and about to head home. He got mad at me for asking him, said "what the hell's your problem I'm done drinking ok I'll be home by like 4 maybe." I basically told him that I'm really sick of this shit and no, it's not okay and it's not fair to me for him to do this and why shouldn't I just go out and do whatever I want instead at 3am every week. He hung up and I started crying pretty hard. I was sobbing for like half an hour, just stressed out and barely able to breathe, you know those kind of crying fits, and afterwards I went to the bathroom and I was spotting.
It was pretty light in color and and only a few drops but it still scared me senseless. I sent that asshole a text saying if I lost the baby I'll never ever forgive him for it and he came home after a little while and was pretty upset and scared that I would miscarry.
This happened during my last pregnancy, every time I would get stressed I would start bleeding and it got so bad I almost miscarried. Right now I doubt I'm even close to miscarriage, the blood isn't dark and its barely a few drops, but I'm still so scared and all I want to do is scream at my boyfriend until he goes deaf but I can't I'm too scared to hurt the baby.
When I woke up this morning there was a bit more blood, but still only pinkish in color and a few drops. I know spotting is normal in like 30% of pregnancies but I'm still SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!! 
Yes, I promise I'll go to the doctor if it continues. 



He shouldn\'t talk to you like that! you don\'t deserve that. I can\'t tell you that you should break up with him, because I was in a very similar relationship with my daughter\'s dad and I could not have broken up with him. But i will say that I was very thankful that he broke up with me. He would do the same thing. Go out drinking all the time, while I sat at home pregnant. It wasn\'t fun at all. I felt very alone. I wish there was something I could do to help! :( Oh, and while I was pregnant with Emily I spotted too. I was 6 weeks and I think I did for about 3 days.

Your boyfriend needs to be more responsible and respectful. If he wants to be a dad there is no reason he should be partying until after 3am. If he\'s doing this to you now, imagine when you have a crying baby at home and need support. Or if you go into labor and he\'s too drunk to drive you to the hospital. You should have a good long talk with him about responsibility and if he\'s not willing to change then you might have to make some changes. I\'m sorry that you have to go through this. I\'m sure it\'s very frustrating. After what you\'ve been through, you need support. I spotted during my pregnancy for about 3 weeks. It was very scary but it stoopped when I was about 9 weeks pregnant and it turned out to be nothing. Stress is not good for pregnant women though so I hope you find the support you need soon. Many hugs.