Sports day And This Peaceful Field

HiĀ  everyone, sports day was fun, oh wait, I didn't actually go today and so glad that I didn't, let me tell you why.
I didn't go first of all be cause A) I really hate sport and B) I was doing 1500 metres, Ben set me that race as a joke because I wasn't in tutor, so I didnt find out til the next day. My mind was made up that i wasn't gonna attend back then
I decided to walk my mate to school cos im a nice friend, and i wasnt actually allowed to skip school either by my mum either, luckily she goes to work today, so i could go home after i walked tom to school.
But i didnt, instead i walked through a couple of alleys cos i wanted a bit of exercise, after all it was sports day! So i kept walking through this forest after the alleys and saw a field with a path, looked peaceful enough, so i started walking through it. the peacefulness hit me, i instantly forgot about my problems. I wasnt expecting it to be so peaceful, the only hint that was around that humans existed was the overhead power cables. I was staring at the fields grass, a few poppies dotted around, and a whole load of plants (im not sure what they were, to be honest). I would have stayed longer (i stayed about half an hour) but it started raining so i quickly had to get home, but my house was nearby, i didn't care: i felt so peaceful, so rested when i was there.
It turned out that sports day had been cancelled, there were facebook statuses about it.
I WILL be going t that peaceful place again, but staying there for much longer, partially cos my mum doesn't work on Wednesdays, and its a half day of school. 2 hours in a boring as f*ck assembly which almost breaks my back, no thanks! =D
I'll probably post another journal entry about my experience tomorrow