I ran into a friend that I played baseball with in the 70's. He was the baby on the team when he joined. He was 18. He is 49 now...where does the time go? I joined him at a bar nearby and had a beer or two recalling old times. Naturally, something caused me to cough. I blacked out briefly and when I was next aware of things, people were staring at me and my friend was sort of propping me up. What was more disconcerting was that I took longer to regain my senses. My head tingled and I was confused of my surroundings a little longer than usual. I must admit it spooked me a bit. I went home and I seem no worse for wear . I really dislike not being able to trust my body but what can I do? It's the only body that I have. I just don't know what's going on,Tom