So I am new here ... Hi Everyone !  .... and I just felt a need to vent / ramble some ... so please indulge .. and if not that's fine ... Here's my story for the day ...My 19 year is pregnant.  I know we've all heard the story before.  She has just finished her first year of college and is planning on continuing first through on line classes and then back to traditional once the baby is here.  and for that I give her all the kudos' she deserves.  BUT ... now the fun part ... she is not very emotionally stable, maybe partly my fault because I've coddled her too much.  Well she and the boyfriend/fiancee are fighting again ... and i get the calls saying how she's done, had enough, never gonna let him see the baby ... and well you get the idea ... But the real kicker is .... she gets mad at me when I tell her I'm working and cannot get into while working.   She really doens't like it when i tell her that if she had gotten a job before she was "so big" she would have more to do then think about "him" and only making every little thing he does that much worse ... Although this time she is justified.So she just called and told me that he is on the way and the ring is going back ...   should be a fun night at home tonight. I wish i was stronger !