Spinal headache

I had my epidural shots yesterday.  They did two of them, one at L5 and one at S1.  The first time I had this done they only did one shot.  When I arrived at the center they said they were doing a bilateral epidural.  After questioning why they were doing bilateral, since I only have pain on my left side, they then changed it to only be the one side.  
The experience was much better this time than last, but I have had a spinal headache since yesterday.  I have had to lay flat for two days now, and i am praying that tomorrow will be a better day.



Yay! My headache is gone and I feel pretty amazing today. Not 100% out of pain, but better than my meds use to do. This is fantastic, now hopefully it last longer than the first time. (one week). I am so grateful to everyone who has commented and said prayers on my behalf. Thank you!