speech and swallowing at the expense of walking?

After congratulating myself on how I've had no speech or swallowing issues for 4 consecutive days, my left hip SCREAMED at me after a department meeting this AM! It collapsed, I could barely stand by holding onto a desk.
I limped slowly upstairs to my office, and as I sit here, the pain has abated. Let's try standing.
Okay - left leg only, weak and wobbly, but no severe pain (3 on a scale of 1-8).
Tongue tip has been flawless 4 mornings in a row (my "toothpaste test" - can I spit out foam as normal, or is tip of tongue weak?)  Tongue is VERY STRONG. Speech still flawless, never needed 90mG pyridostigmine Br over past 4 days, so azathioprine seems to be working?
Is it the meds? or is the hip/leg problem a sign of progression of the disease?
XX anxious XX



Did you have the muscle tests yet for your arms and legs?
I hate it when things hit a work and you have to fake it like nothing is happening when you are freaking out inside.
Write things down, look for patterns, stay positive