sometimes when i go through hard times i put up walls so i can mentally survive. im so tired of being so damn sensitive. it has made my life very very difficult. it pushes people away. i get scared then i either get mean or needy or crazy. it hurts me more when i hurt others. knocks me down for days. i wear my damn heart on my sleeve and sometimes take chances and when it doesnt work out it is somewhat devastating to me emotionally. when people dont need me the way i need them i dont deal well. when i have financial problems nothing works right and i am a mess. i work so damn hard so many hours a week and still am barely surviving but will stay alone and where i am till kids are older and gone cause leaving them would kill me. my intention was never to cause anyone pain. i dont have a selfish bone in my body. everyone else always comes first. just wish i could do for me sometimes and be happier just with me. so yup im gone taking break just need to cope with life choices . thanks to all for your help. not crazy just overwhelmed with life