Sorry, been gone for so long :(

I have been up to my ears in responsibilities.   I planned and carried out a huge surprise party for my hubby.  And I just had my Dad's very special Memorial today.  It has been very emotional.  My husband, David, is now 50.  And he's at the pinnacle of his career and I am so proud of him.  He's losing his hair and has a bit of a gut.  But I still find him so attractive and I'm still trying to lose all the weight and get in better shape.  I feel like my face has fallen and it can't get up.  But through it all we still think each other are sexy and for that I am blessed :) Shane is amazing.  He's learning to speak, write and read Manderin Chinese.  We hope that he will become fluent in a language that is up and coming and extremely lucrative future wise.  He can count to ten and know a whole bunch of words.  He even wrote in Chinese on my Mother's Day Card.  He's still having some trouble with the mouth stuff.  He needs to have his fingers in his mouth constantly and he's put holes in a lot of his tee shirts too.  He eats his sleeves and picks his nose a lot.  He has caused himself nosebleeds at school on at least 3 occasions.  The change in weather is affecting his tolerance.  He literally cries when he's in extreme heat.  I feel for him.   The food issue is not good either.  He has some preferences, however, they are becoming fewer and fewer.  Dinner is always as issue with utensils and eating what is served.  He does not like any, repeat any fruits.  Thank god he drinks fruit juice or he would get scurvy. He's pretty fare and underweight.  But he seems jovial and very energetic.  He's extremely feisty and speaks his mind.  So I think he is healthy.   Lauren likes to pick her nose too and her fingers are in her mouth also.  It's a issue with me.  She also does NOT have a handle on the potty yet.  She's 4!  And I thought Shane tortured me.  He was done at 3.  I am so done with the poop and pee it'a ridiculous.  As for me I'm relatively happy and content.  Would like to be thinner and younger looking, but other than that.  I'm good. :) Hope all is well with everyone and please know I am always here if you need me.  Just send me a message.  If I don't write it's not because I'm not here. Love, and Friendship Lisa :D