Somewhat Confused

You know I fully believe that things happen when they happen for a reason & it's the way the Lord has mapped out your life.  But then on the other hand there are times that just leave you shaking your head in confusion.  In fact I'm probably rambling aimlessly here but oh well. My hubby & I are very aware that there could come a time where our house could be too much for us & hence it will be time to take the next step in living arrangements.  Part of us for quite some time always checks places over in the real estate news here or when we notice places we might go to open houses, etc. etc.  Of course pet friendly has to be a definite factor.  We've seen some all inclusive places & I mean it even includes 2 meals a day, like one was $1200 a month.  We know there are some others that are way above that yet.  Then people say what abt condo's.  Um, hello, pay abt $200,000 for a condo then however many hundred a month in condo fee's.  We can't understand how so many seniors seem to have all this money. There was this one apartment building that is cat friendly, beautiful building, rents seemed reasonable.  On a whim I phoned & got the prices for 2 bedroom apartments, BUT, the guy said 2 cats, oh well, that squashed that idea now that we've got 3.  There were 3 diff sizes & rents ranged fr $730 something for the smallest up to $1,000 for one that is 1,020 square feet (thats bigger then our house).  It's all inclusive, but 2 cats only please. We saw this 55 plus community abt 20 min outside of our city.  We just absolutely fell in love with the whole thing, we didn't want to go home, in fact.  But, again, there are so many ifs.  All our dr's appointments, dentist, vet, shopping(not much right there).  The 20 min drive is OK but in our winters, oh boy. So I guess where I'm going is what is the Lord trying to tell me, why can't I seem to understand where all this is leading to, will he show us in time where our next step in life shd be, am I jumping ahead of myself here.  Is the fact of what I've noted above his way of saying don't rush things, maybe I've just got to rethink my life in our house a bit to make it easy.   Am I making any sense here to anyone. I think I've babbled enough but any thoughts oh wise friends of mine, please feel free to let me know. Oh yea - so far so good with not methotrexate!!!!!!!