Somethings are better, some worse

Itchies gone, swollen blue tongue gone, tingling blue lips gone, fatigue better, joint / muscle / bone aches and pains better most of the time.  Edema somewhat better but I still have man hands most of the time.  My daughter said my face has gotten smaller and my cheeks have gotten bigger, I think that refers to my moon face.  I have been down to 10 mg of Prednisone a day for several weeks.  I think I am slowly losing the weight I gained while on mega doses of steroids.  Not taking many painkillers any more.  I am back to work, it's only Tuesday after lunch and I want to just lay down.  My vision is blurry.  Achy all over.  The sunlight in my window is bothering me, or maybe it is the office lights, but my window blind is broken so I am sitting at my desk in sunglasses.  One day at a time.