something that's REALLY been bugging me...

hi all-before i start this, i have to explain something. about three and a half years ago, i ran across joyce meyer's sermons on tv. after watching her for a week, i realized i was learning more about god and the bible sitting at home in my pajamas than i ever did by getting dressed up and going to church. i have a few of her books. last year, i became a ministry partner. i listen to other preachers too, but no other preacher helps me understand the bible like joyce does.

last night, i found this:

this article claims that joyce meyer preaches a confusing, scriptually-unfounded messege. it claims that she says she is no longer a sinner. she has said this before. however, the writers of the above mentioned article took it COMPLETELY out of context! in several sermons (most of which can be watched for free on her website) she has talked about knowing who you are in christ. one of the things she says most often in these sermons on righteousness is "you have to learn how to seperate your who from your do." by this, she means that a christian's actions are not always right. after all, we are all human. but this does not take away from the fact that god still has a relationship with his children and still loves them.

the writers of this article made it seem as though meyer claims she's perfect. this is completely untrue. i wouldn't be blogging about this except that i obviously have a vested interest in her ministry. i can't go to church. i don't live on a bus route. no matter what joyce meyer is preaching on or writing about, it seems i need it desperately. i ALWAYS get a lot out of her sermons and books. so (at the risk of sounding stupid) in a way, i feel as though these people are attacking MY preacher, MY spiritual leader, and that angers me because god has used her ministry to help me in so many ways.

there is nothing wrong with voicing your opinions of a pastor, preacher, or other spiritual leader. but i think if you're going to criticize someone, you should know what you're talking about. don't take snippets of a sermon and a book and build a disparraging article about a lovely woman of god around it. this is one of the reasons why i believe so many people are driven away from jesus. too many christians are very critical and rule-oriented. we tear each other apart way too much. how can we rip each other up and preach love at the same time? we can't. unfortunatly, the only messege the world seems to be getting these days is that we're a bunch of critical, hard-nosed, people. sad.this needs to change, people.-fallon