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Hi everyone!  All of who struggle with negative emotions know that our overactive minds are the cause of all our pain.  But as Albert Einstein said" a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it".  So, that being said, we have to "get out of our mind" rather than more involved in our minds (where we think the answers are - but they aren't).  I have been practicing the Sedona Method for several weeks now and have had a lot of success.  For anyone who is interested, I suggest they go to Letting Go. TV.  There is a DVD that you can purchase that explains the method and walks you through the process.  It is a very powerful tool to help you get rid of the "stories" that your mind is telling you that are scaring you to death! It helps you let go of the "identification" that we have with our emotions and tend to believe that they are who we really are, rather than just emotions.  Once you can see this, it helps you find the peace in you that's under all the "mind" noise!  All I can say is, "try it, you might like it"!