Something new

Hi, team,
I just came to a realization this morning.

I have suffered for years with this. Nobody here really knows what I have gone through and what I have acheived so far.

SoooOOoo perhaps I will start journalling here.

I already have a blog on another site, It's 4 years old and almost 1000 entries, so it's rather huge. But it talks about my experiences with depression, frustration, anger management, self-loathing, learning to communicate, interpersonal relationships, my own introspection, my longing for "emotional intimacy" while at the same time protecting my bubble that keeps people far enough away. I record these things in the hope that I can learn from my mistakes, gain insight from others, and identify damaging patterns.

And you will say, yeah, I have been there. at least once, I promise you! I have been through it all. Except dismemberment, but I have been close. that story is in there, I think two Januarys ago.

Even my trips to therapy are in there, in the early days. I don't go anymore. I am also off meds for about 3 years. How do I do it?
The secret is I give myself little choice.

I am determined to beat this. I thought I would have by now, which in retrospect seems foolish. I came close a few times.
All right. stay tuned. Not much has happened this week but tomorrow I will tell a lengthy tale (it has to since there is background info to talk about) about Staurday's event. Oooh, Seecrets!!



Thanks Glenniem! Thinking of you - I\'m in the supporters\' team, willing you to get there!!