Some wise words I found from someone

To all play boys and play girls, married, single, flirting etc, this is for you, please pass to all people that you know.
 In love and life don't ever play games. If you love someone, TELL them, if you don't, TELL them. The human heart is a very complex thing in that it makes us do the strangest things when it reaches a point of desperation especially when we are hurting. I'm sure many of us have reached that point where we find ourselves attacking the competition in the name of LOVE even attacking the object of your affection, some of us have even found ourselves hiding behind bushes or tagging the car playing spy. 
 At the end of it all, relationships, whether friendships or romance, need two elements to survive - COMMUNICATION and COMPROMISE and it needs another two elements two fall apart: PRIDE AND STUPIDITY. 
 Too proud to say I'm sorry, too proud to say I'm hurting, too proud to say I'm feeling a little insecure. And so stupid, stupid enough to let them go because you think they will be back, stupid enough not to tell them that you love them because you think they will stick around longer if you play hard to get, stupid enough not to answer their calls when you have a fight because you want to make them hurt and you want to teach them a lesson they'll never forget. Watch out you are not the one who learns a lesson. If it's worth a great person walking out of your life, possibly for good, then by all means knock yourself out.
But don't cry when that person never calls again, or finds solace in another's arms, or throws themselves off a twenty story building because the pain you were causing them was too much to bear .
Don't cry when a beautiful relationship is broken and can't be fixed because YOU chose to play games instead of laying your cards on the table and working it out. Say exactly what you feel and ask exactly what you want to know. No matter how STUPID you sound. At least you will know exactly where you stand.
And even if after you've poured your heart and it still doesn't work out, you will be at peace because you know you did your best on your part. Your conscience will be clear and you will move on knowing that you didn't go down without a fight. 
 Loving someone is not a game. 
 People are not pyramids; you can't go off on your own selfish trip and expect to find them in the exact same spot you left them weeks ago. If you don't take care of your partners needs when they need you to, what guarantee do you have that somebody else won't.
So when you find your partner in your best friend's arms or hear they are getting married to someone you thought was just a rebound trip after you let them go without a fight: Don't cry, 'cause while you were busy playing games, SOMEBODY ELSE WASN'T.



I loved these words...THANK YOU FOR SHARING, I totally needed that!
Take care hun :)
luv you

Very good advice to any one in or just starting a relationship . But you left out having them communicate with you so often people just dont . I am divorced for that reason I talked and opened myself up so much but she never cared enough to just talk calmly and constructivly.......she cheated and told me I forced her into the arms of another man ....What is that all about , she blames me for working 70+ hours a week to pay three mortgages she said I was not there for her but when I payed one mortgage off she would not make time for me and her to talk she was always out with the girls........