Some Of The Bright Ideas To Enjoy Your Holiday In Massachusetts

It is not a new thing that tourism business in the US is large and massive. The states have been serving millions of international and domestic tourists on yearly basis. US Tourism has a lot of things to offer to revolve around the cities, historical landmarks, natural views, and experiences, as well as life entertainments. If you are planning to go to some places in the US, you may need some of the bright ideas to enjoy your holiday in the US. We’d like to spot top four ideas from different cities and states (California, Illinois, Boston, and Washington) because we think you need to check them for your 2018 travel plan. Here we go.


California attractions won’t be so hard to visit. We’d just focus on what every traveler should think about doing.

Napa Valley Winery

Wine Tasting is one of the best things to do in California because of obvious reasons: many people love wines. The wine tasting activity was first introduced in 1976 in the location. The winemaking in Napa is an interesting aspect of tourism which can make the viewers wowed. Napa Winemakers have been doing this since in the mid 19th century. Folks in Napa have been perfecting their method for years.  That’s why only a few wines can match the taste of the Napa Valley Wines.

Golden Gate Bridge

City and County of San Francisco in California state has the great thing to aspire. The red-painted bridge is an astonishing view and has been featured in many movies so that you will be familiar with it. But it is not complete without stepping your own foot there. The golden gate bridge is the reason why you need to visit San Francisco. You can walk it, see it, as well as capture it. Take a selfie, record astonishing video, or else to make sure that you make a good memory with your entourage.

Big Sur Coastline and Bixby Bridge

The Big Sur Coastline is the closest to the Pacific Ocean. The things in the Big Sur Coastline and Bixby Bridge are too big to enjoy in just one day. It provides such astonishing sceneries along the stretch of the road. If you are driving, you will be tempted to make few stops to aspire the beauties. If you are wondering about what to do in California, it is definitely something to be added to your list.

Chicago, Illinois

Magnificent Chicago has a lot to offer. Without further ado, here are some of the best things to do in Illinois.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is located along the waterfront of the Chicago city, Illinois. It is one of the most crucial spots to visit because it offers a lot of restaurants, museums, shopping experiences, theatres, and movies. The Ferris wheel in the Navy Pier is also amazing. Consider to tag your family to enjoy this.

Starved Rock State Park


One of the brightest Illinois attractions is the Starved Rock State Park. It is popular because of its distinct canyons and waterfalls. The number of hiking trails also give the opportunity to the tourists to access the most beautiful area in town.

Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile in Chicago can make you indulge for hours. It is the part of the Michigan Avenue. It is a must visited place for folks who love to enjoy the bright day or cool night in the windy city. The magnificent mile also offers the unique shopping experience. You could find many specialties offered by different vendors in the stretch of the streets. The other interesting attractions are restaurants, hotels, museums, and live music and other entertainments.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

It is the iconic one in Illinois.i if you are wondering about the tourist attractions in Illinois, you should add this to your list. As the name suggests, the visitors will learn more about Abraham Lincoln. But more importantly, you will also get closer to the historical aspects of the Illinois state. The manuscripts, items, and others are open to the public.

Boston, Massachusetts

Many tourists visit Massachusetts because of its abundant attractions. There are some things to do in Massachusetts but we’d like to focus on Boston. Let’s see them right away.

Boston is small, but it is the hub of the travelers. There are many Boston attractions that can be enjoyed by every visitor who wants to spend the leisure time there. You could get almost everything in Boston from viewing high-end culture at the Boston Museums to tasting the street foods in the Boston best food stall, and so on. The newcomers will love the simply fun experiences in Boston.

When you come to Boston at the right time, you will notice the interesting event in which the spring signs show everywhere. The seasonal blooms in Boston are very beautiful. Consider to visit this in the spring, and you will have the chance to enjoy the annual springtime floral celebrations in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Arnold Arboretum. The colorful orange blooms are one of the best things to view. Not to mention that the abundance of the beautiful lilacs can be witnessed in the Arnold Arboretum.

If you are coming with your family with kids, consider experiencing the Franklin Park Zoo sightseeing. This zoo offers fancy animals like kangaroos, lions, and tigers. The Jamaica Plain in the Franklin Park Zoo has a lot of animals to show including zebras, giraffes, gorillas, etc. It is definitely one of the Best Things To Do In Boston.


Let’s continue to things to do in Washington.

Have you ever been to DC’s Air & Space Museum?

Here you will witness the used aircraft, missiles, as well as space stations. It is the permanent exhibitions which draw many visitors yearly. The exhibitions in the museums will give you valuable information about the history of jet aviation, space travel, and sat-com. Here you will find one of the best Washington sightseeing experiences.

Some folks want to know more about the US roots. In places to visit in Washington list, you should visit National Museum of Natural History. You could spend much leisure time in the Kenneth E Behring Hall of Mammals wherein you can see some stuffing animals. Not to mention that the Dinosaur Hall is there with the thrilling dinosaur skeletons as well as the 3.4 billion-year-old stromatolite. Also, there is Insect Zoo in which showcases the tarantulas and other exotic insects.



You could get almost everything in Boston from viewing high-end culture at the Boston Museums to tasting the street foods in the Boston best food stall, and so on. Visit