So very much.....

omigosh...It's been crazy busy at work today.  No sooner do I set something down (if I even get that far), then someone wants something else of me.  I'm only 1 person!  I even had to put someone off from another dept today.  Something about training an intern.  I don't have time to train someone else's interns!  Argh!
What frustrates me a lot is that I don't have the time to express myself here.  I mean, like I said, I usually do that during downtime at work (and I know, I know, I shouldn't theoretically be doing that, but I'm busier at home than work).  So I feel like I have no outlet.
Anyway, things with my son have been mixed.  He had a rotten day the other day, and pushed me as I held my breakfast in hand (thereby spilling it).  Plus he's been late to school a couple times (I thought we were done with this, but...).  But he has apologized for that, which in the past he'd never do. 
Couple of good things on the son-front, though.  Today, he told me that the reason why things have been generally better for us lately is that he made a decision that, since school has not been going well that he'd make an effort to make home better.  Also, he got a 98 on his biology test--the highest grade in the class!!  He said it was an "easy" test.  He really likes science.  On the other hand, his latest geometry test didn't go as well, but he said only like 3 kids in the class finished the test. 
His PPT is in effect now.  He has a support person who is to help him organize & to help him with his writing skills.  I'm hoping it's helping him with school.  He doesn't talk much about her & the whole PPT support thing.
On a goal-update note, I'm checking off the complete physical thing, since we had that blood test at work, which is basically the only additional thing from my regular annual exam.