So upset with neighbors

I have this one neighbor who moved in a little over a year ago and he has been very mean to my feralsĀ and any other cat in the neighborhood. The feral cats I care for are so frightened by this man that I hardly see them anymore and they are getting so skinny from not coming to eat. He injured a stray who had lived in the neigborhood for years who several people were feeding and watching out for him. Needless to say the stray cat everyone loved had to be put down because of this man.
Lately he has been chasing the ferals cats off my properity. I said something to him last night about it and he yelled and cursed at me while I was in my own house. He was standing inĀ his driveway yelling that I was a f#@!$ whore and lived off of welfare. I am not a whore and little does he know I don't live on welfare or even foodstamps.
This neighbor has caused so much stress that my Fibromyalgia is always flaring up. I have chronic headaches and mirgraines and they are worse because of this guy. He reminds me of my ex husband who was very abusive towards me. I had to get a protection order to get away from my ex, I just wish this guy would move away. He moved in an area where there are lots of stray and feral cats around. People around here have been helping these cats and getting them spayed and neutered to get the cat population down in this area.
Sorry I just needed to vent. I try not to let this guys words upset me but when he is going around hurting cats it upsets me. My youngest son has even seen him kick his own dog. I have lived here for 10 years and have never had trouble with neighbors until him and his family moved in. The sad thing is that he has a very young son who he is teaching to hurt animals.