so tired

It is Christmas Eve and I am so exhausted. I made dinner today for my family. My children have to go to their dad's tomorrow so we are celebrating today.  My husband works tomorrow too so like I said, we are celebrating today. I made a big dinner and had my family over.  It's hard to believe that cooking can wear a person out so much.  I have had problems with my right side off and on for the past three days.  It hasn't been to bad.  
I called the neuro's office yesterday to get results from my LP.  The gal I spoke with told me the results were in but that I needed to have an appointment to speak with the doctor about them.  When I called about my MRI results they gave me the results over the phone. It wasn't the doctor...So, I believe that the LP shows something.  I think that is why they won't tell me over the phone.  The gal on the other end said she would call me with an appointment date because I am not scheduled to go back until March.  
I just want to go to bed right now.  I still have to play Santa Claus though.  The kids are happy with their gifts. They have been busy with them since we did gifts.  
I hope everyone is having a great Christmas.  Don't overdo it as I seem to have done.  I was enjoying feeling pretty good. Oh well, I am sure I will have a good day again...someday.



I know cooking can wear a person down. My feet hurt when I have to stand on them a while. I\'m glad you enjoyed the holidays. We had a good one too.

If they would not talk to you over the phone, I think they did find something with the LP. Maybe you can get an appointment soon. Keep me posted.

I hope you have a good day.