So Over It

Been a long time since I was here.Just been going through a Im so over this crap I cant stand it period.Its gets so tiring over time the constant watching sugars.Everything being about the sugars.I went yesterday for blood work and I go next monday to see Dr and get results.Im a lot worried about this test.Last time A1c was 6.1 and the past 3 months I have had some highs off and on due to various things.My daughter was here for 3 weeks and I live her dearly but OMG she stresses me out.It was worth it to see my grandson though.So Im hoping the highs that I had wont affect my A1c to badly..I have also had several episodes of lows going down into the 70s and not knowing the reason for that.I havent stepped on treadmill in a month...Somehow Ive got to get out of this whatever it is and get back to buisness.I also was given a new med Zocor for my cholesterol.I got it filled still sitting on my shelf.Still afaraid to take it..
Well nothing to do but wait till Monday rolls around  and see how bad things are...Hoping for the best though...Fingers crossed