so much has changed

As the title suggest I'm just updating things on here because so much has changed in the past year. This time last last year I was totally skint. My job had been working for my ex who I had split from and I was looking for a job but until I found one I was depending on my dad helping me out. I have since then now had 3 jobs. The first one was a lifeline as it meant I had money coming in to pay bills buy food and generally support myself and my kids. After 5 months I then looked for another job that would have better hours to fit in with being a single mum. I was lucky enough again to find a job that suited. I left that job after 5 months because my hours were never guaranteed and I need security. I got my final job 1 week after leaving my second job and am now currently very happy with the hours and the pay I receive. So on the job front things are goin great.
My ex had left me with a lot of debt and I have almost got that all in hand now so the worry and stress of it all is getting better.
I bought a car of my own and now have complete independence. We also had a family holiday. So all in all things are on the up. Not looking forward to the winter coming in as I no I struggle with the dark mornings.
My goals for the year ahead are now to finish clearing my debts, lose weight and get fit, decorate my house and end it with another family holiday next year at the same time.
There is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how difficult it can be at times if you just keep moving forward you will get there in the end.