so......much......confusion V_V [[Part 1]] Xaq {zach}

What am i suppose to do? My mind is moving warp speed, but my body is standing still. I'm so confused bout everything. My life, school, karma, life in general, but just really these 2 guys. Me && zach dated for six months, but then broke up cause he wanted to date other people. Of course i cried, but i eventually got over it. But we both wanted to still be friends. But even then we didnt talk much. Well a couple of months later cassandra, the girl he was dating then, broke up with him. He was upset && of course i was there for him. Well a couple of days later he started hinting off that he wanted me 2 ask him out. I didnt really want to because tht one time just tore a hole in my heart && i kinda just lost the feelin for him in that way. I still love him as a friend. So i finally decided to give it 1 more chance. I think it lasted a week or less. I just couldnt handle it or i realized it just wasnt what i wanted anymore. There was always this Q tht ate at me till i finally asked. "Were you sad when i broke up with u?" He said he was && tht he thinks about it everyday. But for some reason i felt no sympathy or remource. It sounds mean && a lil harsh, but, when u think about it, he did the same thing. He didnt even ask me the same Q...... so what am i to do when my feelings for him just arent true anymore in tht way, but are at the same time? I mean i love him like tht a lil still, but i dont know if more ever again...... =/ Sometimes i wish we didnt have to deal with shit like this...... just one less problem to deal with. But i suppose with out them we wouldnt be who we r. V_V i just dont know what to do. Where do i go now with him? My emotions r the worst because i think way 2 much && i have an impecable memory so it makes it hard 2 4get....... a lil help??? o,o