So messed up...

Ok, where to begin. So the day after she starts dating this other guy, she texts me and keeps messaging me trying to be friends and saying we can still be friends. So we kind of were doing ok, just talking, and I was feeeling ok about it. So then that night, I see her new boyfriends ex on facebook. I start talking to her, and she tells me that my ex's new boyfriend has actually been texting HIS ex every day saying he loves her, even though she was now dating my ex. So I did the right thing and I told my ex, figuring she should know.
So then today I wake up to a text from my mom asking if I was ok. I said yes and asked why, and she told me that my ex's mom called her and told her that she was worried about me. Apparently they talked and they agreed that me and my ex shouldn't talk any more, at all. But I didn't know that til later, all my mom told me was that her mom called and was worried about me.
So then after school today I text her, and apparently her new boyfriend admitted to still having feelings for his ex. I truly felt bad for her, and wanted to make her feel better by sending her a gift that I had bought for her awhile ago. So I tell her I'm gonna make it up to her and send her something to make her happy. So literally, WHILE I am writing her a note and putting her address on the package, about to head out the door, she texts me and tells me that we can't talk any more. I was so confused considering she just said yesterday that she wanted to be friends, and despite me telling her all this bad stuff about her boyfriend. She said that "I need to get over her" even though I know what I need, and I don't NEED to do that. She had told me the day before that we could be friends even if I had feelings for her, so basically EVERYTHING is messed up now.
We aren't talking any more, and now I hate her. This sucks. This is absolutely NOT how I wanted this to happen. She always has to tell everything to her mom, who screws everything up. This absolutely sucks.