so many wonderfull things!

today! has been a great day! il categorise why! Number one is to do with my dad, Number two is to do with a girl! Number dad called up, said hes sorry for hurting me, and told me he loved me and he told me if i ever felt like hurting myself again, to call him and take my anger out on him. Number two.i think i might of met my soul mate, shes kind,funny,beautiful!!!, and shes smarter than me =]her name is lauren, were gunna drive to vegas in my pretend car!and love is what drives us =]i feel so happy, its like im overflowing with joy! *tries to hug lauren again but falls over his foot* i love her,i care about her, and i will never let her go or hurt her! even if mel gibson came and offered to sleep with me and give me over 9000 thoooouuussaaannd dollars/pounds/euros! i can be an idiot at times, and im trying my hardest to cure that =] i wish i could describe how happy i am! oh and liam, please stop trying to hook me up with guys, i have a girl now =] NOW to get rid of this headache! ive drank far to much coke today and im getting headache from the high intake of sugar! when i woke up, i was depressed, then an angel spoke to me! *lauren* pssh who else? and now, im a beacon of happiness! woot i feel so great now, *fills car up with gas*!