So it begins

Today was pretty fun for me. I had the day off from work so I spent my time studying for my goals. I started by going onto wikipedia and looking up all of my topics so that I could get a basic overview. I had fun learning all of those little facts you don't hear about much in day to day life. I ended up finding this website where you can watch instructors from big schools give lectures on all of the topics I was looking at. I think that is pretty darn cool If I do say so. I think I am going to devote one day of the week to each topic and go from there. I may do a little Japanese each day just to be safe. Its a lot of fun with this software my family has.
I went up to the mall and got some protien and other suppliments for working out. I'm trying to maximize my efforts like never before. Its all a part of my plan to keep improving my self-image. I'm going to keep investing time into myself until I really can be proud of what I have done.
I am very happy that I decided to do this. I feel like a lot of weight has come off of my shoulders. I just feel less pressure to move out and get a game job. I'm going to keep working on a bunch of these game projects to keep my skills sharp. At the same time I'm going to learn all of these new things in order to put them on my resume. I just gotta keep up this feeling I have right now. I know I can do this!