So in love...

Wow, has it really been almost a year since I've last written? I am so in love with my Hailey- 13 months old and perfect! I am so blessed every day to have her in my life and I hope that I am a great mom. My baby girl had such a personality and she's oh-so smart! Saying words like "done, dada, mama, duck, quack, uh-oh" and my favorite, "no no no.". She can walk, run, climb, dance, clap, eat with a spoon, drink from a sippy, hug and kiss, snuggle, wave, smile and laugh, and just bring so much joy!

I feel guilty saying this, but we have been trying for baby number 2, and I just don't know how I'll be able to face the monthly disappointments again. Yes, I am so lucky and blessed to have my Hailey, but that doesn't make this easier. So here I am feeling so much love I've never known could exist, yet feeling guilt and disappointment, embarrassment at "wanting" more than I have when so many wish for a first miracle. Guess I'm just human!

Baby dust to those waiting for your little miracles.