So confused

So confused about life right now. I love my fiance so much. Our baby is going to be so happy that he/she has him as a father, but I failed my first attempt at being a mother, who says ill be a better one this time around. I love my daughter so much and I am tired of feeling like I screwed up. She is the love and light of my life and without her, I would not be who I am today. She is my savior my guardian angel. She is everything that makes sense in life. She is the one innocent thing that cannot be tainted in my life. So innocent so trusting so loving. I love Audrianna more than I love my life. I would do anything to make her happy and I feel like I did. Audrianna is adopted by the one people I know are there for me thru anything. Mom dad thank you. You are the best people in the world. I could not ask for anyone other than you as parents. Audrianna is so lucky. I know that you guys love her more than anything. I know that as long as she has you guys she will have everything she will ever need.