So blah

Well I made it through Christmas.  Just New Years to go and out of the holidays.  I feel so blah this year.  Just want to sit and watch TV or sleep.  No energy.  No motivation to do anything.  i am usually full of projects I want to get done and this year just don't seem to care.   Back to work regularly next week although for the first time in 7 years not full time.  Hours are cut everywhere.  I really need to look for another job.  That just makes me feel blah too.  

My husband's company froze pensions two weeks ago.  Really messed over our retirement.  He should have gotten  25,000 a year when he retired and now will get less than $5000.  They are going to up their matching on 401ks.  Wow for us that is a whopping $800 a year.   Not going to make up the difference.   Guess we will spend old age sitting in rockers not able to do fun stuff.

Just so tired all the time.  Wish I could be interested in life.



I am sorry to here you are having such a hard time ....and disipointments with the jobs and penchion so is enough to make you tired ....I will keep you in my prayers ....take very good care of your self ...God bless