So Behind

I am so behind on my list of things that must be done for monday and I'm so frustrated and angry.  Yesterday my sister said she would take me out for sushi today and when the check came I got stuck with it but of course she has enough to go out tonight and get a tatoo...WTF!!!  Money's already tight with school stuff and with our stepbrother now living with us I had to spend money on school clothes and supplies today which after the sushi put me short of the funds I need to rent the car to get to school on Monday.  So my options are try to rent the car and have the bank draw a NSF and charge me for going over my balance, or not going to school on Monday, or going to my p-doc appointment. Really everything comes down to the money I spent on lunch. I'm so upset about it but of course I can't say anything because I know she's just going to get belligerent and turn it on me that I shouldn't have bought jon's sneakers if I didn't have enough money.  Hell, if I knew she was going to leave me with the check I wouldn't have eaten, or I would have suggested going somewhere else.  It's a bad night and getting worse. I logged onto the university online system and saw one of my profs has assigned reading up already. I've been working on it for hours (took a few breaks for coffee). I'm stressing about this and whether I can handle all the work for this class and my other classes. I have about 5 more chapters of assigned reading to do, plus take notes, plus print the lecture addendum for tomorrow, AND i NEED to finish my room. I've been going piecemeal but tomorrow has to be a massive clean spree.  I've also been checking my email obsessively again today for a message from my former(?) friend. Nothing. So now I'm feeling jerked around because unlike me he checks his email everyday.  It just feels like I'm running to catch up to myself and I'm not going to make it. I wish there were more hours in the day or that I was more motivated to get more done.