Snowing again!

It is snowing here again.  After years of experiencing very limited amounts of snow we are having a real winter.  A winter in which i do not feel good enough to get out and play in the snow with my kids.  It is so frustraing that I can't stand it.  Makes me wanna go out anyway and later suffer the consequences.  Girls are not happy that i am in so much pain and are trying to help out as much as possible.  Dr. gave me some hope yesterday but also put suspiscion in my head as to why i am having these mew symptoms.  Just hoping for a resolution.  If i were an animal i would be a cat so all I would really want to do is curl up and sleep my life away.  Then i would also be a night person and would hunt the night away.    Wish I could turn myself into a cat.  Then I would be happy to sit here like a lump on a log.  Love to everyone and a million hugs but very gentle ones.