Snow Snow Go Away !!!

It's snowing AGAIN..I cant stand it any more. Like my grief I want it to end. But like my grief its going to linger on for a while. And just when you think things are looking brighter it comes back. And then it will haunt you for a few more months and keep coming back year after year. How depressing.I hope this is just the snowy day making me feel so bleak. What happend to the optimistic Lori. The Lori that was going to kick griefs butt. I made up my mind I dont want to write how great I'm doing because it usually backfires on me and then I'm in a rut for weeks...Lori learn that this is an emotional roller coaster and the days are not going to be the same. And they certainly wont be easy. You have to take the good with the bad......Now I really think I'm losing it. I'm yelling at myself in my own journal..Now to practice what I preach. One day at a time. I will have my good and bad days. I have to take them as they come...Hopefully with a smile on my face and not a tear in my eye. And always love in my heart.