Sneaky sneaky doctors!

Just when I thought it was safe to enjoy my summer....Walter Reed strikes again!  I had been told about a month ago that I would not need to have another MRI anytime soon and then thought to myself, "well isn't this just grand?  I can have a whole summer with no worries and be doctor free!"  My other docs don't need to see me again until the end of September.  Well....I should've known it was too good to be true.  Last night I received an e-mail from Walter Reed letting me know that they've just looked at my chart again and would like another MRI in a month or two....
I guess it's certainly not the end of the world though the timing couldn't be any more off.  With deployment coming up and hubby out to sea off and on so much this summer (I've barely seen him as it is) now we have to scramble to try to get up the D.C. We are also going away for 9 lovely days to see his parents so that makes time even more limited.  As always, we'll deal with it and get it over and done with but geeze, I really wish sometimes I could crawl into bed with my cats and not have to deal with things for just about oh.....4 days.  I don't even need a whole week because at that point I'd start feeling lazy LOL  Other than that things are not much different except that the scale is now telling me that I put on about 8 lbs in a week and a half....I think it's time for a new scale because that's just impossible!  Still having to deal with the usual bloating is driving me crazy enough without having to worry that I'm putting on weight but really, I think I would know if I put on that much weight so I'm not getting too upset over what the scale says.  And if I could get my husband to STOP telling me to be thankful for all the little things in life then I'd be just fine.  I'm thankful every single day that I'm not sicker, that I can function, that I do things around here that make me feel worthwhile....I refuse to listen to him over and over telling me that I always look at the negative side of things and never take into account the small things in life....I think he's out of his mind because I'm a very positive person.  This all came about because I am upset that I have only really spent about 3-4 entire weeks with him all summer.  I should be thankful for that, he says.  It's not that I'm not thankful but I just want to tell him to shut up and let him know that really, even though I signed on for all of this by being a Navy wife, it's not fair and I want him to be around more...but far be it from me to be ungrateful and want my husband with me....God forbid even that I should harbor such selfish thoughts (that sounds stupid even to me so how he can justify saying those things is beyond me).
I digress...the point is that aside from these things going on lately things really aren't that bad right now....I still have the cats and maybe a visit from my mother in October so that I can drive her crazy for a few days (ohhhh....I'm really good at that...poor woman, to think that she actually put up with me while I was growing I know why she used to say that she hoped I have about 15 kids, all just like me LOL)
Best wishes and God bless all of my online friends for putting up with me....




God Bless you for everythimg you are going thru. Being that you are close to John\'s Hopkins can you possibly get an appointment there?? They are very good !!!!! I see all of the same signs that my husband and you have are you on the list as yet ?? Please keep me posted my prayers are with you

Hello and thank you for the friend request :)
I never thought about John Hopkins. I guess that\'s because when I was first diagnosed I was taken to Portsmouth Navy Hospital here in Virginia and from there they sent me to Walter Reed. I guess that was easiest since my husband is military and there was no question of whether or not our insurance would cover me. In any event, no I am not on the list. My doc here in VA told me a few months ago that my tests were in \"normal range\" and he didn\'t think I\'d ever need a transplant...the docs at Walter Reed disagree and tell me to be realistic as this illness is unpredictable. I\'m sticking with the opinion of Walter Reed\'s docs :)
My prayers are with you and your husband as well....I\'ve learned in the past two years that people who understand you when it comes to this disease and prayers are sort of mandatory to your sanity.
Take care and God bless you..