Slow-Burning Energy Foods

 That halo is on my head because I'm doing better with food.  I credit the Glycemic Index way of eating for getting back some CONTROL. 
Just read an article about the BEST FOODS for combating fatigue and getting slow-burning, long-lasting energy.  Here is the list.
Oatmeal, Yogurt (except for the sweet kind with fruit on bottom), Spinach, Nuts and Seeds, Beans.
You can add spinach and beans to soup or use it instead of lettuce in salads. A quarter cup of nuts or seeds makes a great snack.  Yogurt too.  All of these foods are low on the Glycemic Index, so they don't spike blood sugar.  They give you sustained energy and fight fatigue.  As for Oatmeal, get the old-fashioned kind if possible, because the flavored ones have a lot more sugar.  You can add your own fruit, if desired, and eat it with skim or low-fat milk. 
My personal preference for breakfast is a cheese omelet.  I prefer to keep my carbs for later in the day.  Eggs keep me satisfied a long time. 
Here's another tip.  You already know that if you want pasta for lunch or dinner, you gotta eat it with protein.  But did you know that you should cook the pasta AL DENTE?  It is lower GI that way! Mushy macaroni turns to sugar faster, so avoid it. 
As a sweet snack (also eaten with a bit of protein), FIBER ONE people recently came out with a bar containing 90 calories and 5 gms. of fiber. 
For cereal (which can be eaten any time of day), besides old-fashioned oats, I choose FIBER ONE Honey Cluster, which despite its name has only moderate sugar and contains THIRTEEN gms. of fiber.
Any food that is high in sugar and low in fiber is going to be OFF LIMITS.  Such as instant mashed potatoes, white bread, "puff" type cereal.  Generally speaking, a food that has protein, a little fat, OR is very high in fiber is LOW on the GI.  That's what we want. A complete list of foods can of course be found online.
One more surprising fact--a BOILED POTATO is on the borderline between a Low and a Medium GI.  That's what we want. A BAKED POTATO on the other hand is very HIGH.  Avoid french fries and mashed, especially instant mashed!
One of my friends says she's trying this! Give it 3 weeks as a trial.  I'm on my second week and already feel LESS HUNGRY and MORE IN CONTROL.



It seems like you have a great plan. How do you know how much to eat for the entire it total calories? Good for you for knowing that PB is to be banned in your house! Stay strong!

this is great judy! you\'ve got it down to a tee. i didn\'t realize boiled potatoes are better than baked. i believe sweet potatoes are low glycemic. i did well for two months and caved the other night. i\'m back on track however, the food is out of the house, yet i\'m trying to figure out what prompted the weak moment of judgement :( i knew what the outcome would be yet ended up ordering it anyway. also spent too much money. did i expect a different result after all these years?!
your posts are inspiring! keep fighting the good fight :)
love, meadow

To answer Joyce Marilyn\'s question, I write down what I eat and keep track of calories and carbs. I shoot for about 1500 to 1600 calories and 100 to 120 carb gms. I\'m eating about the same amount of food, but I\'m more careful about food combinations and limiting carbs a little more. I KNOW WHAT I\'M DOING, JOYCE, EVEN IF YOU DON\'T. HA HA. Yes, Meadow, it was a surprise to me also that boiled potatoes are much lower in GI than baked. And french fries and mashed are worse still--better avoided. Meadow, if you want to do this with me, we can be weight loss buddies. Let me know. You\'re the one who finally got me to GET IT. As in, duh....... Your statement, WE CAN\'T KEEP KIDDING OURSELVES struck home. I realized I kept kidding myself that I could bring peanut butter home and portion it out!

we just bought some Fiber One Honey luster cereal. I haven\'t tasted it yet but it also has more protein in it which I need.
You are doing great on the new diet of yours. I was surprised to hear about the boiled potatoe vs the baked one.

Yeah, the potato thing is weird. I thought a potato was a potato! And the difference between the glycemic index of a boiled vs. a baked is CONSIDERABLE, not just minor. Also, boiled potatoes are rated one of the most filling foods you can eat. I am always on the lookout for foods that are going to keep me SATISFIED for a few hours.

This all sounds fascinating
I\'ve been eating Oatmeal(cooked add choc chips)
been using fiberone bars and fiberone cereal for a while now.
I do have a protein shake when i get up in the morning to start my day then eat my carbs.
LivingWater love eggs too..
You sound like you have found a great plan for losing.
Keep up the good work.