Sunday, September 07, 2008 – 6:30 P.M. The problems I had with my medicine last night, carried over into today. My condition had slipped somewhat, and I was still experiencing a hot, burning sensation throughout my body, and for a while, I was unable to move my arms. I was supposed to call my doctor, so I wisely put off taking additional doses of the medicine until after talking with him.   Because it is the weekend, I called and had my doctor paged. By this time, I could not even pick up the receiver to talk with anyone, so I used a speakerphone. I told him about the reaction I had been having since taking the medicine. He said to stop taking both antibiotics and call him back in six hours. I hung up, and proceeded to sleep for three hours.   When I called back this afternoon, I told him that I had regained the use of my arms, and that the pain in my abdomen had decreased. He told me to continue using the medicine for the UTI, but not the other one. He also said that under most circumstances such as this, a patient would have been placed in a hospital, but he was trying to avoid that by having me try medicines, and contact him the following day, which is what I have to do tomorrow.   He told me that if my colon infection does not improve within the next day or two, he would have to reconsider the options. I am terrified of hospitals, but if he decides that is where I should be, I will go along with his recommendation. There is no sense going to a doctor if I am not going to do what he says.   Quotes for Character: “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.” -- A SEAL Team saying, by Frederick Nietzsche.