Slept Last Night

I got my sleep last night, and I feel a lot better. I saw my psych today, and he increased my meds since I've been unstable and hallucinating. He increased my mood stabilizer and my antipsychotic, so hopefully in a few days I will start seeing some progress on those fronts. Actually, the hallucinations weren't that bad today, but tonight I'm going to have crazy dreams from the increase of the Risperdal. Every time it's increased I get crazy dreams, so I'm sure this won't be any different. The rest of the medications have no real side effects that I'm aware of, and the Risperdal I only have to last for less than a week with the crazy dreams before they go away again. It's just my body getting used to the new dose.
Yesterday I had my orientation. The woman who was doing most of it was this huge germaphobe (I don't blame her, she works in infection control) but she was just getting on my nerves. I didn't let it get to me too much when I was there because I was just worried about getting through the orientation. She got mad when I grabbed a napkin off a stack because she was wearing gloves and didn't want other people to get my germs, and then got a new stack of napkins (without changing her gloves, so it still had my germs on it, go figure) and was upset at the end when I came up with my paperwork without a pen and grabbed hers. It's not like I peed on my hands and didn't wash them... it was just annoying. I was more annoyed once I got home and started processing the day. I came home, did my journal, ate, talked on the phone for a bit and went to sleep. 
Food- I'm low on everything again today. I'm hungry, but I'm fussy and can't figure out what I want to eat so I don't eat anything. I've just been out of it. My weight is going up just a bit because I'm not meeting my daily calorie intake so my body is just storing everything I put into it. It's not going up by much, just a pound or so, and I expected it after not eating last week, but it's still hard to see the numbers on the scale going the wrong way. It seems the only thing I'm getting too much of is sodium lol. I'm hungry now, so when I'm done with this I'm going to go eat my other piece of chicken. 
Mood has been around today... I had a minor anxiety attack when I was waiting for my doctor, and I was stressed out when they told me I had to pay $104 (!!!) to see him (which I didn't have) but they put me on a payment plan so I could see him. He was worth it, since he made me feel better about not going into the hospital and just getting better. I talked with him for a bit longer than a normal session, so it was good. He's going on vacation for 3 weeks, so I'm not going to be able to see him for then, so we got a backup plan in case. He gave me more of my medications than I needed right now, so if the hallucinations come back worse I can just take the full dose he gave me instead of the 1.5 pills he told me to take. I know Geo wouldn't like that I made that deal, since he says I should take it how it says on the label, but I needed something in case I couldn't see him again. 
Okay, It's time to take my pills, I'm going to take them and eat my chicken and see if I can sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I can wake up and go volunteer... I've been saying that for weeks, but I haven't been able to because of the anxiety. I just need to do what I did the other day and make myself confident that I can do it.