Sleepless night

Another night not sleeping. I was sleeping better even though I woke up feeling like it was the middle of the night.Now I am back to having trouble getting to sleep & then staying asleep. So here I am at 4 30am on the computer.
Yesterday was so humid & hot which does,nt help. I was up early before Ed & did some things around the house. Back to bed I went as Ed left for work at mid day.
I slept for a couple of hours then got up & had a shower.Ed had assembled the Christmas tree before he went to work so I decorated it with Rod Stewart blaring. Not very Christmassy but I still can't get used to the heat at Christmas even after 32 years! Air conditioning & Santa with a beach umbrella don't make sense. At least I have given up the hot turkey lunch. Now we enjoy seafood.
I wonder if I will ever go back to England for Christmas?
I took Poppy for a walk at 630pm. We walked very slowly both of us panting & sweating in the humidity.At least it gave her time to have a good sniff about. There were still kids playing basketball in the park. Oh to be young.
We both had a long drink of water when we got in!
I finally wrote my overseas cards & sorted the photos to go with them. All I have to do now is post them!
It is 5am & I am stilll wide awake. I have work at 230pm so will have to try & get some sleep before I go or I will never last.Poppy sleeps on the bed as I write. Maybe I will come back as a dog !or a man! Ed also sleeps as I write!
Oprah is in Sydney today so I hope she manages the heat. She was at Ayer's Rock which is hot so she should be ok.!Amazing the crowds that were in Melbourne yesterday to see her.A powerful lady.
Well, this lady can feel my eyelids drooping so back to bed.



I\'m sorry that you\'re having trouble sleeping. I had a bad time of insomnia about 10 years ago. Getting through the day is hard enough with SJS but to throw lack of sleep in there...ooof.
I hope the sandman makes a visit tonight!

He sure did, thanks! I am writing this at 4am!