Sleepless nights

Another sleepless night...I'm wearing the Bi Pap mask, with my oxygen plugged in. I'm pretty used to it now, although sometimes it feels like i need more air. My settings are pretty high, i think they prescribed 16? It's some powerful air!!
My pulmonologist said she needs to have the lung capacity test and the sleep apnea test done to confirm i have COPD. The diagnosis was made by the hospital dr's, plus a diagnosis of Congestive heart failure. So, she just wants to be sure.
I just have problems falling asleep. I'm on pain pills for my back, i have spinal stenosis, and arthritis in my knees and hips.  Yeah, ya see? All that crap, and then i get diagnosee with Copd, and CHF. And, i'm only 50!!I like saying "only 50"!! Because when i was going to turn 50, i was saying OMG, i'm getting old! 
Ok, up at 3:30 am, and no one to talk to, so thought i'd start my 1st journal entry today! I love to write, so come back and ck in, i'm pretty good, and love to write. Hmmm...maybe since i'm disabled, i could look into writing a book?
Hope you all are sleeping soundly, Peace and love,