Sick, Sick, Sick

Ugh!, i get the worst allergies, today they were so bad, it was hard for me to even think. I woke up last night around 4:30 am and i got a killer headache and it took me awhile to go back to sleep. My eyes get real buffy because they get real watery and itchy and i cant even open them, sometimes i can see out of one. I got an email from my great aunt who recently got to visit Ireland and she said it was just amazing and that i should go there. So i'm considering it. :). I got to talk to my brother the other night and for awhile now things have been rough, he wasnt speaking to any one, i think he was going through something, and i should ask but i dont want to take the chance of not hearing from him again, and i think things will go back in time. My brother is such an athlete, he now plays tennis, growing up i remember he played soccer and i got to see him play. Then for awhile he played golf, so i'm really proud of him.   I went to a funeral on monday because one of my teachers passed away and someone showed up and sat a few seats down from me, i was sitting with my sister and a couple of our friends and this person sat 3 seats down, this was the person who said my car should be named worst car, she never really wanted to hang out with my sister, etc so it was awkward, but she left early so i'm glad she didnt say anything to me. Although she thinks everything is fine when really its not, i deleted her number from my phone, i've deleted her from my email.  I was baby sitting with my mom yesterday for twin baby girls and i got to rock one to sleep it was so cute, i thought i was going to be bad at taking care of little kids but i guess not.