Sick for a week

Last friday I started having a scratchy throat and it got worse aches, pains and worse fever, chills then by tuesday. I had less of a sore throat thought I was finally seeing some much needed relief .
 Woke up my eyes glues shut with eye boogies and had to soak them with warm water to get them open . As the day went on I was seeing my world through a weird mist or fog so I called the doctor he got me in right away. It turned out that my streptococcus went to my eyes now on all sorts of medicene and antibiotics.
He said I would be feeling better with in 24 hours and he was right . I feel so much better today .
When I went to the doctor the white of my eyes was completely red and then I went to the drug store they looked at me like a was in there to get a fix .
It was dinner time when they finally filled my prescribtion so I thought I would just pick up teriyaki next door for dinner .  Everyone in their just glared at me . One lady was holding her purse so tight like she thought I was some drug addict going to steal it .  I wished I had went to a drive thru.
It amazes me how we are not suspose to judge but we are being judged all the time.
They saw my blood shot eyes and judge me as some crack head..
Alls I am is a sick caregiver getting medicene to get better and feed my family so I can rest.
I haven't been out of the house since last friday and the one day I go out because I had to they labled me .