Sick Bear

Chris has been feeling sick since Saturday night. Monday he went to the Doctor and they took a urine sample and concluded that he had Epididymitis. They tested his urine further because he had trace amounts of blood in his urine. He went back today and was firm in telling the Doctor that his stomach has been bothering him as well. Now they think it might be his appendix and he has to drink some chalky liquid and then have a CT scan.
I wish I could be there with him but I think it was cause him more stress seeing me uncomfortable and in pain. It's hard for me to be here at home and worrying about what is going on with him.
To keep me busy I am making him chicken noodle soup. Usually I do barley instead of noodles, as it's much healthier, but he requested no barley as it can make his stomach upset (he has EBS). I just had Ashley taste the stock, it's still a tad bland so I added more seasoning. It's too hot for soup but he hasn't been eating much and with him being sick he needs to eat at least something.
Mom gave me some really good books to read. Of course, brought me some plant and survival books but also some novels. I've already finished Red Dragon (I'm a big Hannibal Lector fan) and now I'm on The Winner, I forget the author, but it's about this young mother that comes into some money. It's very good.
I had to take some Vicodin. The stress and anxiety with Chris being sick is making my pain levels sky rocket. I feel rather sick from them and can feel the cotton expanding in my brain. Oh, how I hate having to take them.
Well, I just got home from the hospital. He had to have surgery to remove his appendix. Scary stuff. Had to come home due to pain and spasms. Hopefully I'll be up to seeing him again tomorrow. If we're lucky he can come home tomorrow or the next day.