SI Joint Injections (set#2)

Had my 2nd set yesterday.  Asked for something to "relax" me before hand and that threw them for a curve but they gave me some Demarol in the buttocks. I did not need it...this man caused me NO discomfort while giving me these injections.  He took his time and threaded that dye and needle ever so patiently, sending out the lidocaine in front of it...The only discomfort left hip when he actually injected the cortizone...I could feel it filling the space and busting up something. He asked me why I took the fall...were you not in enough pain?  I laughed. He is gong to address my right neck on monday next week as it still hurts like hell. I asked for the Midrin instead of Imitrex, also Flexril instead of Soma (very addictive dont want it) and something for sleep so he gave me Ambien CR samples.  I slept so well last night.   My lower back is still numb....NICE