Shoulder & Advice needed

I know so many of you have hard lives to contend with and probably worse than mine so I need to know how do you handle life and find the strength to go on when nothing seems to be going right.
I am unable to work  because of the crohns and just when I think things are looking up my daughter will hit me with something that just shakes me from the inside out adn I just feel like checking out of life all together, not that I would ever consider suicide,so don't worry about that, but emotionally I just want to die. SHe just always seems to know how to hit me and knock me down, and of course she will turn it aeound that I just down't want her to be happy. I try to tell her all I want is for her to be happy but I know with the choices she has made already that she is about to make the same mistake again and ruin her chances of making the next move profitable.
I don't feel I have anything to keep going on for.So much of the time I feel as if I am more of a burden to my hubby and that if I passed no one but hubby would miss me.
Do any of you ever hit this wall and if so what do you do to get yourself back on track and move on?
Thanks for listening