should i be allowed?

             my bf and i been dating for five weeks now and my dad aka sperm donor  has been getting really abusive and it kills and drive me insane..............him hittin me..yellin at me...throwin me like a rag doll.....threating me ... well i left friday and didnt want to come back but my mom came and got me and took me home...... she understood where i was emotionally and how much i wanted to leave  and my bf told me that his parents are gone on  a vacation granet hes 23 and hes home alone so i thought it would be great for me to leave and get out of the house for a day just from tuseday to wendsday and just chill with him..but i told my mom and she said shell have to check with my dad and he said no so i asked her and she said no cause he said no.....  so emtional wise i was off the edge like i wanted to cut badly but my bf said if i go back to cutting or drugs then he'll leave me ....ugh so i just dont know what to do i want to head over there and i need to get out so ????? i told her to just lie to my dad and tell him im heading to a friends house but really ill be headin to my bfs house well my mom said no brittany im not lying for you .... then my dad said if i leave the house im not welcomed back.......ugh im going crazy  HELP!!!!!!!!!!! SO TELL ME: "DO YOU THINK I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HEAD TO MY BF'S FIR A DAY CAUSE I CANT TAKE THIS ANY MORE IM TIRED OF HIM HITTING ME AND HURTIN ME "  PLEASEGET BACK TO ME ASAP! THANK YOU



I think you should be allowed, of course you should. Its only for a day. As you\'re over 16, you are able to go where you want without the permission of your parents, especially if its just staying with your boyfriend. And huni, the best you can do is to stay out of your dads way the best you can. Or stay around your mum whenever you are with your dad. Im sure you\'re dad wont hit you if she is there, and if he does, then she should do something about it. (at least stop it form happening)
You shouldnt have to put up with it, and if i was you, i would have walked out already. I know you say that they wont let you go back home again, but if there is anywhere else you could go then i think that it would be better for you. Dont put up with the abuse any longer than you have to hun. Stand up for yourself. I know you can do it. Be brave hun xx

If your boyfriend says that hes going to leave you for something you can hardly control(cutting ect) then it dosent sound as if hes very supporive. I think you should be allowed to go where you like. Your 18 years old and your an adult. Your Dad should know that.
Your Mum sounds like your best friend at the moment. She also seems a little scared of your Dad, as what he says goes and nobody else can have a say.
I might be way off there. Im really sorry i cant be much help. But you definatly have the right to see your boyfriend whenever you like.
Stay strong.
Things will get better promise.