Short Story

Miri’s Dream
Every night for a week Miriam Chung had the same dream. In her dream she was on a boat, leaving a dock. On the dock were her family, friends, and a blurred face she didn’t quite identify. Whenever she tried to identify the blurry face she felt a wave of comfort and warmth wash over her. The boat would always leave before she could say anything.
A few dream days later, she would wake up and find herself on the same boat at the same dock she left on, but no one was there to greet her. She would always wander out on land and search for anyone, but never find anyone familiar. When she talked to someone unfamiliar they all pointed to the old Victorian-era church across town.
The church was always open, and she always got there by the afternoon. Inside, the church was barren, with no remains or hints of anyone inhabiting it. However, at the end of the church was a newspaper. The newspaper’s headline was always:
“Rest in peace, Miriam”
Behind her, the person with the blurry face would appear and she would always tear away the blur.
Miriam always woke up before she saw the face.
There were no reasons for her dream, and as much as it troubled her she never let anyone know.
5 years later, she woke up from bed and continued on as usual, having forgotten about the dream that used to haunt her a long time ago. High school had just finished and she looked forward to spending the summer with friends and family. Everyone was running out of the school, grateful that the next two months would be all fun and no work.
Miriam stepped out of the school, looking towards the bright blue sky. Everything would work out. She didn’t want her glasses on, because she was afraid the crowds of other teenagers might cause them to fall.
“Excuse me, you dropped this.”
Behind her, Miriam saw someone who at first was just a blurry face. As he got closer, Miriam saw that it was someone from her class. The nervous guy that always stayed at the back of English class, never really talking to anyone.
He quickly gave her the papers, and then ran in the opposite direction.
They didn’t talk to each other again for five years, when they ran into each other in the city. But by then it was too late for them to get to know each other.
There was a car accident the day after they last spoke, and Miriam didn’t survive. The funeral was brief, and saying goodbye was even shorter. He stood at her grave for hours, finally leaving when the sun started to set.
If she had survived they would have met again, and after five years of dating he would have proposed. 10 years later they would be a happy family with three children.
One accident prevented all that from happening.
Time is unfair to everyone though. Such is the gift of life that many waste. Take life for granted and it can be taken away, so spend it the way you want to and the way you can. Spend life with the people you love and cherish. Because everything considered, there’s not enough time in the world for everything, but there’s enough time for the good parts.
The End.



This must have been hard on is hard on anyone to lose a close person... but u kno what, I have been thinkin like...what if she stayed alive but found someone else? what if u found someone else? what if u got married but then found out that u are not meant to be together....what if worse things have why the only other end if she didnt pass away, that you would live a happy life ever after? i kno that this is late, but the other day on ur other post, u mentioned that it is gettin into u her maybe if u looked at things from a different point of view u will be able to move on and look at things as past experiences are they are no longer able to affect u... rest in peace Miriam...