Shopping and Cleaning out cars

Tomorrow I weigh in (I try to weigh in Tuesday mornings).  I've been good the last 5 days about eating and exercising so I hope I've lost something.  My weight when I started tracking was 182 and now it's 184.5.  I hope I can atleast get back to 182 LOL.  The end goal is 140.
Today I cleaned out my old car and stocked my new one (with pens, napkins, etc)  Found $5 in coins :) !!  So, that's done and it will be ready to go to the scrap yard when my friend who knows about cars comes back and can help me.
Then i went shopping.  First at Michael's and bought new paints.  I had run out of white.  This time I got the kind in the tube, i still bought the cheapest kind, though.  I'll buy a higher quality paint when I can do higher quality painting. :)
THen I went to sprouts for fresh veggies and fruits.  I was a good girl. *pats self on back*  Then to Wal-mart for the rest of my grocery needs.  While there I decided to pick up a pack of two lb weights (two of them in the pack).  I want to strengthen my arms more.  I do dance praise every day which is good for my legs and cardio, but now if I do it while holding the weights, hopefully I can build up my arms more too.  Then when I do yoga, downward facing dog won't be so hard!!!
Now I'm exhausted and will chill for a few hours then try going to bed early.  Didn't end up napping today.  I will take a double dose of ambien cuz recently one hasn't been working.  I was taking one at ten every night and still not falling asleep til midnight.   I decided to go the last 3 or 4 days without ambien and just go to bed later, but I want to establish a sleep schedule where I go to bed early and get up early, so I will try tonight to get that going.  And maybe the last few nights without ambien will make it more effective tonight?  A theory, anyway.
Hope whoever reads this is doing well.  I'm not good at keeping up with ya'lls journals, I should do that more.  I'm updating mine daily now though cuz I'm tracking calories and exercise minutes.
Oh, I know what i need to do now while I "chill out".  I gotta watch John Adams.  Disc 1 came today from netflix - one of ya'll recommended it.  You know who you are. ;)
Peace out,




I decided that I was losing too fast, and too much from my bottom. So I decided not to count calories and keep the weight stable for a while. When I got on the scale, my weight was down 1 1/2 lbs. I think eating right is working. I am doing a lifestyle change, not a diet. Keep up the good work!

I should also mention that 5 years ago I started with 2 lb weights. This week I will be buying 20 lb weights. I don\'t think I have ever had this kind of upper body strength in my life. It really helps my back problems and whiplash. That is part of what motivates me. The other part is looking buff, despite my ancient years. LOL

20 lb weights!!! Congratulations. You\'ve been working hard.

I did dance praise this morning with the weights, I had to move down from Hard to Medium because I was thinking to hard about my arms for my feet to keep up. I\'m trying to come up with a system for moving my arms along with my feet. It won\'t be too hard once I get used to it.