Shot #4

Shot went good, One of the things I have found out is to drink a lot of water the day before the shot and the day of the shot. The only really bad side I have have is this freack'in Headache it stays with me all day after the shot and most the next day. The Doctor finaly gave me some sleeping pills it's amazing how great I feel after 8 hours of sleep. But all in all things could be worst and I'm thsankful my sides are limted. Also went to the Doctor Friday and my Red blood count is slowing going done . The Doctor advised if it went done any more he would have to put me on something to raise it back up . He has me doing Blood test every 2 weeks , My VL Test will be in 8 weeks.I know these meds are trying to control how I feel , But I'm not going to give in. I Will Win This Fight.