Shiftin between frantic frenetics and serenity

Today was a roller coaster, ride the waves kind of day. First, I had an appt. to look at a good deal on a car. I took my sister to work and putzed around Walmart for awhile before I had to leave for the appt. I'm walking to the parking lot when the guy calls me to say he just sold the car, sorry. Well, damn. I was a little disgruntled. I wanted that car. I went home and continued with today's plan. Next up--go get books at the college bookstore. They were really expensive which put me in a bad mood. I was so angry that the markup was so high. I think it's highly unethical for universities and booksellers to take advantage of students like that. Then my sister called. She's had the flu for the last four days and been off work. Her manager was livid that she'd come in today (she's still not 100%). The lady is a real germaphobe and told my sister to go home as soon as the next shift started. I went to go get her but first I had to stop to fax a request for a wire transfer from my bank. Assuming I reached an agreement with the seller on the car this morning I wanted to have the money ready for this afternoon. I thought I'd still go through with that since I had a few other vehicles on my list. The fax wouldn't go through, so I was 15 minutes late picking my sister up.  We ran a few more errands and hung out for the afternoon. It was fun. We got iced coffees at her favourite coffee bar and tooled around town looking at cars for sale. We also met with a young man who's received orders to Germany so he's selling his car. It was a good price. A bit more than I wanted to spend, but we reached a deal. Except when I saw it in person I hated it. It was a modified car with street racer detailing. Yuck, so not me. So I turned him down. I felt bad about it, but hey I had to do what was right for me. I got burned on my last car because I felt for the seller. I wanted to be sure this time.  We saw another car later in the afternoon and when I went back to check it out again, the owner/manager of the car lot was there. We talked and I went for a test drive. It's nearly perfect! I talked him down on the price so it was at the top of my range but still affordable. And I agreed to meet him in the morning. I need to ask a few more questions and check the a/c  (i forgot during the test drive), but I feel good about this one. It's a stick shift which my sister is upset about because it means she can't drive it. I'm trying to convince her to learn--I'll wear her down someday.  This evening I came home and worked on my room for awhile. It's got a ways to go yet, but it's getting there. I felt so good about I lit some incense and scented oil and have been chilling out for a bit. I feel serene in my space now. It's more organised and not so clogged up. Your space is a reflection of how you're doing mentally so I think working on my room really helped brighten and soothe my perspective.  I have a LOT of schoolwork to do tomorrow. I reorganised my binders and notebooks though so I'm on the right track.  Now if the rest of the house would settle down. My sister and her boyfriend are arguing about a girl he's probably been seeing on the side. He lies a lot. Oh update...My sister just came up to break from the drama downstairs. Evidently her boyfriend has just stabbed himself (shallowly) in the head and thigh. She disparaged the tart and he got upset saying "Why can't I have any friends" He's really weird and attention seeking. I think he should seek some help to deal with issues. I've called the crisis line. They were not helpful. I'm going to make him an intervention appt at the counselling centre. He's obviously unstable and needs professional help.  Other than that drama I'm okay. Again, it's been a roller coaster day.